Division 4 – Here we come…

from: http://www.pompeyonline.com/forums/index.php?threads/relegation-now-confirmed-so-relegation-chat-thread-please-discuss-here.63903/page-2#post-1003718

Division 4: it will be plenty of fun for those who expect more than technical excellence from their football.

Although there will be some flashes of that: Mike Neasom told the joke about a lower leagues player who turned on a stupendous piece of skill one week, and whose manager told him: “if I could get you to play like that every week, you would be playing for England.” Player’s reply: “if you could get me playing like that every week, you would be managing England.”

Div 4 had lots of “interesting” non-quite players like that, some of whom filled the gaps in their talent with effort and personality, so there might be more local hero figures around. But hopefully no-one as reprehensible as Robin Friday (“the best footballer you never saw”) – highly skilled but a drunk, a dope fiend and all round sociopath who played for Reading and Cardiff.

But we will see a lot of dross too: a stand-out memory is a truly dreadful match at FP (against Torquay, maybe?) – in the last minute, Garwood swung over a tremendous cross from the right and Showers powered home an unstoppable header into the Fratton End goal. We all went home happy, but had endured 89 minutes of complete crap for 10 seconds of brilliance. You have been warned.


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