Drugs Sanatoria

(Not a full post: response to article in LabourHame): http://t.co/A7bBD1TCJW

Yes, it is time for new initiatives on drug misuse.

In former times, those suffering from communicable diseases (for example,Scarlet Fever and TB) were cared for in sanatoria, where they  recieved treatment for their illness and at the same time potential contagion was removed from their communities. This model could be adopted for drug abusers, whose addiction is a disease which is as intractable and as infectious as these earlier complaints.

Drug addiction sufferers could be required to live at comfortable locations with stimulating programmes they would receive clinical heroin or undertake rehab programmes according to their individual needs. They could be required and permitted to stay there until they could prove that their wellness was sufficient to permit them to re-enter society.

Drugs sanatoria would resemble luxury resorts, but would still be less expensive than the current failing system.

The current position removes addicts from communities, except that they are criminalised by imprisonment (instead of receiving sympathy as ill people), receive insufficient treatment and usually return to a life of dependency – not only on drugs but also on criminality.

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