Lesjek Kolakowski on social democracy…

“…The trouble with the social democratic idea is that it does not stock and does not sell any of the exciting ideological commodities which various totalitarian movements – Communists, Fascist, or Leftist – offer dream-hungry youth. It has no prescription for the total salvation of mankind … Democratic Socialism requires, in addition to commitment to a number of basic values, hard knowledge and rational calculation … it is an obstinate will to erode by inches the conditions which produce avoidable suffering, oppression, hunger, wars, racial and national hatred, insatiable greed and vindictive envy.”

Quoted by Denis Healey in The Time of my Life (1989)

3 thoughts on “Lesjek Kolakowski on social democracy…

  1. Peter

    An obstinate will to make improvements inch by inch was wholly absent from almost everyone who calls themselves a democratic socialist under the inch by inch improvement of the Labour gov.

    On Sat we had a seminar organised by Anee McGuire on foreign aid and development policy. Fantastic high profile speakers, excellent venue….number of Labour Party attendees – 4.

    Four speakers, 4 Labour party members from Stirling. In 2005 during Make Poverty History the Stirling CLP denounced the Labour Gov’s neo-liberal international development policy in a vote of 34 to 1.

    Regards….Martin (The 1 who was told that increasing that foreign aid and and forgiving debt was neo-liberalism)

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