Farage In Edinburgh: an own goal?

(Comment in http://www.labourhame.com/archives/3733#comments )

We should be very uneasy about the Farage incident.

It is the sort of thing that Militant did in the great Rate Capping Wars of the 1980s which brought the Labour Party in disrepute. It is not nice or democratic to get threatened with a pummeling for disagreeing with someone.

My own experience also includes attending a mass picket at Grunwicks when I concluded that shouting “scab” at a bus full of terrified women workers was not my idea of social democracy.

We should also remember the Miners Strike, when violence allowed others (especially the media) to give the impression to the wider public that the blacklegs held the moral high ground.

As far as I know, UKIP has never used violence and intimidation, now thanks to the Edinburgh incident, its opponents have done so, and may have handed that same impression of moral high ground to the odious Farage and his xenophobic crew.

A silent and non-violent protest would have been much better.


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