Anagramgate: what are they hiding?

Much civil service time has been expended on the mammoth publication which is the Scottish Government’s White Paper on independence. However, a little more care might have been taken in checking the title “Scotland’s Future”.
It is sometimes the case in epic drafting exercises that bored or mischievous scribes have a bit of fun, and add a few extras. One of the most noteworthy examples is in the King James Bible, more precisely in Psalm 46. If you take the 46th word from the beginning, it is “shake” and the 46th word from the end is “spear.”
As this was probably written in the year of Shakespeare’s 46th birthday, it is clear that a crafty hand was at work subverting the text into an acrostic joke for their own purpose of wishing their literary colleague many happy returns.
In the same way, crossword fans everywhere will not have missed that “Scotland’s Future” is an anagram of “Fraudulent Costs.” Again, this is surely no coincidence. In fact, it looks suspiciously like the civil servants have smuggled in their own verdict. Heads may roll at Holyrood soon.

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