Letter to the Guardian published 25th February.

http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/feb/24/diplomatic-wrangles-brits-scotland-england is what was published.

What I wrote was:

Ruth Wishart (letters 21st February) must know different people to me in the Scottish Labour Party if she believes that the Yes Campaign has considerable Labour support.

My own CLP –one of the biggest and most active in Glasgow – has received zero resolutions proposing support for independence and it is extremely doubtful that there will be any move in that direction at the Scottish Labour conference in March. This is strikingly different to the positions taken up – sometimes in open revolt against the leadership – in the devolution debates of the 1980s. It will be interesting to hear if things are different in Argyll and Bute CLP, but no doubt Ruth can put us right if that is the case.

Instead, what we have seen is a very small handful of Labour figures from 1990s coming out for Yes, and the brief emergence of Labour for Independence, which has vanished since it was quickly exposed as a tiny clique of nobodies who swelled their numbers at events with SNP activists. In contrast, every serving Labour MP and MSP in Scotland has backed the Better Together campaign and likewise no Labour councillor in country has indicated anything other their support for the UK.

It is of course inevitable that there will be some leakage of Labour supporters to the Yes side of the argument, just as up to 30% of SNP voters will be voting No. However, it should not be reported or believed that Scottish Labour is anything other than four-square alongside the majority in Scotland which believes the best way to secure their country’s future is through continuing in the UK. (Nor, incidentally, will we be alongside the Dilettantes-for-Indy represented elsewhere in your columns by the ludicrous Pat Kane.)


Peter A. Russell


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