Countdown To Independence.


TEN:             It’s time to leave behind the UK’s colonial state,

NINE:           And the austerity crisis, it’s going to all be great!

EIGHT:       So goodbye to the Tory governments that we didn’t vote for:

SEVEN:       And foodbanks and poverty, we’ll show them the oot-door!

SIX:                We’re staying in the EU, even if they say it’s no-go:

FIVE:            And we’ll get our way in everything – Eck and Nicola say so!

FOUR:         We’ll no’ defer to experts, they’re all cowardly traitors,

THREE:      Supported by Quislings in the BBC and the papers!

TWO:             We’ll take a leap in the dark, buy that pig in a poke:

ONE:             And if there’s no Currency Union, we’ll just all be broke!



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