Letter in Herald 8th July (Back off holiday, folks!)

YOUR correspondent David White (Letters, July 7) makes great play of the opinion poll findings that a proportion of Labour voters intend to vote Yes in the referendum, and then goes on to extrapolate this into a diatribe against the Labour Party. Two points need to be made.

The first is that Mr White’s views are of a very particular kind, which have been around for a century or so. This is: “I would vote for the Labour Party if it wasn’t the Labour Party.” Unfortunately for those who advance this view, the “Labour Party which is the Labour Party” has always been much more successful in attracting the votes of the electorate.

I would also suggest that Mr White is mistaken if he thinks anyone he knows votes for the Scottish Socialist Party, as recent by-elections and the European Parliament elections show that the SSP no longer stand candidates in elections, presumably in acknowledgment of their lack of popularity.

The second point is that similar polling evidence shows that a sizeable number of those who have voted SNP intend to vote No in the referendum. It is a smaller proportion, but as the SNP vote in 2011 was greater than that of Labour, the actual sums could more or less cancel each other out.

Furthermore, Mr White seems outraged that no-one in Labour will represent the cause of their Yes voting supporters. I would suggest that if he is to be consistent, he joins me in calling for SNP politicians to speak up for their No-voting supporters.

Peter A Russell,


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