Herald letter – not published.

You really wonder at some people’s lack of knowledge sometimes. And that the press indulges them. And will not publish refutation.


We have had Alex Salmond havering about aliens and driving on the righthand side of the road, and scaremongering about NHS budgets, but now we have the most truly preposterous claim by the Yes Campaign so far: Mr Bill Ward tells us that Donald Dewar might well have been a Yes supporter.

I knew Donald: I worked with him on local government issues in opposition. He kindly agreed to speak at Fabian Society meetings which I organised. He was my MP. I attended his funeral.

Many knew him better than I did, and I am sure that like me, not one of them ever heard Donald make a single statement which could be interpreted as support for Scottish independence – indeed, his opposition to it was legendary, which put him in a very special place in nationalist demonology.

To him, there was no question that devolution was unfinished business or a halfway house to independence: it was – as it remains – an end in its own right, whereby Scotland governs its own affairs within the UK. I am sure that Donald would have employed a characteristically inventive and scathing response to any such suggestion otherwise.

The rest of us should reflect on just how deluded Yes supporters are by their irrational faith in their misguided cause, and wonder what they will claim next. The support of Norman and Janey Buchan maybe?


Peter A. Russell


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