Letter in Herald (no paywall)

Sturgeon should now confirm that independence has been rejected

YOU report that Nicola Sturgeon is to go on progress through Scotland ahead of her coronation as leader of the SNP and in turn First Minister (“Sturgeon in unprecedented tour before Cabinet reshuffle”, The Herald, October 16).

 This should be welcomed as an excellent oppor­tunity for her to elaborate on her social democratic credentials.

On the “social” side, she may wish to apologise to her followers for the SNP’s failure to take action on poverty and inequality in Scotland in her party’s seven years in office, and set out how she intends to address these issues. The old game of blaming Westminster is no longer viable now that Scots have confirmed their view that such matters as employment and welfare should be addressed on the level of the whole UK.

Indeed, Ms Sturgeon will only show real leadership of both her party and of the country if she has the courage to embrace the democratic will of the Scottish people. She must tell them that in the referendum the voters rejected independence, that it is a lost cause, and there will not be a further referendum in the foreseeable future.

Anything else would not only be denial of the “democratic” part of “social democrat” but a betrayal of the right of self-determination of the Scottish people, as exercised on September 18. Over to you, Nicola.

Peter A Russell


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