Today’s Herald letter: “Well Done Nicola!” (Really)

THE proposal of Nicola Sturgeon for a Scottish (or English, or Welsh, or Northern Irish) veto in an in-out EU referendum is to be very much welcomed.

It is very much in line with the position of many other countries where constitutional change must be subject to a high level of approval by the population. Examples of this principle include the United States, which requires a two-thirds majority for amendments to the Constitution, and Canada, where a “double majority” of voters and provinces applies. To adopt a similar requirement for constitutional measures in the UK would be an excellent measure.

Let us hope that the Smith Commission adopts this proposal from Ms Sturgeon, as it would ensure that any independence proposal for Scotland would require a referendum of the whole UK, and allow a veto to voters in Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

Well done, Nicola.

Peter A Russell,

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