Herald letter: Helpful Suggestion to SNP (No £wall)

VARIOUS letters (January 6 & 7) on the subject of possible SNP participation in a UK coalition government reflect the current ambiguity of the position of that party. On the one hand, they wish to destroy the UK, and on the other, their senior figures appear to wish to serve in the UK government. Indeed, the SNP do not wish to represent anyone beyond the Border, but aspire to govern the whole UK population and, for example, to dictate its defence strategy.

This paradox could be addressed in two ways. The first might be for the UK party leaders to declare that as 90 per cent of UK voters cannot vote for or against what is effectively a regional party in Westminster elections, the SNP would not be democratically accountable and therefore is not suitable as coalition partner.

A second and more constructive way would be for the SNP itself to enjoy a Clause 4 moment, and repudiate its goal of independendence for Scotland. In doing so, it would fall into step with the sovereign will of the Scottish people, and cement Scotland’s place into the family of nations to which Stewart Hosie and Nicola Sturgeon have both referred since the referendum.

I hope that they find this suggestion helpful.

Peter A Russell,

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