Herald letter – Local Income Tax (No £wall)

THOSE advocating a Local Income Tax (LIT) (Letters, January 5, 6, 12 & 13) should also take into account that areas of high need generally have low incomes and vice versa.

 Therefore Glasgow would have a high LIT level on lower incomes and East Dunbartonshire a lower level on higher incomes. This would be fine for the people of Bearsden and Lenzie but not so good for the people of Drumchapel and Springburn.

This having been said, it also shows how a regional LIT arrangement could also act as a redistributive mechanism of the kind which has been missing since the reckless abolition of regional councils. This could be based on a Greater Glasgow with the same status as Holyrood (like a German Hansestadt) supported by statutory local burgh councils. The latter might be funded by a small and therefore acceptable property tax.

Peter A Russell,

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