Letter in the Herald: “Don’t Live On Tick” (No £wall)

Or see http://www.heraldscotland.com/comment/letters/snps-economic-follies-mean-we-cannot-take-their-uk-proposals-seriously.118392710 for Alex Gallagher’s lead letter (nice one, comrade) and online comments where Nats aimlessly thrash around for a bit.

IT is hard to take Nicola Sturgeon’s economic proposals seriously, as she was one of the major proponents of a fantasy independence proposal which would have reduced us to penury. At best, Scotland would have been a vassal in an asymmetrical currency union, with public finances founded on oil prices of at least $113 per barrel but with revenues accruing from around $50 per barrel.

However, by way of being helpful, I will pass on the advice of my late grandmother, who managed a household budget of genuine poverty in the 1930s: “only borrow when and what you need to, and pay it back as soon as you can. Don’t live on tick.”

I am sure this will resonate with many of your readers who can recognise sound good sense, and who will reject Sturgeonomics as yet more fantasy and wishful thinking.

Peter A. Russell,


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