Poem: Contrarian Blues

Contrarian Blues No 1
(For Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011: “Ideally, my day will include at least five arguments.”)

I had my blues when I woke this morning,
With five arguments on my mind
If you are on the other end of one
Look out ‘cause I’ll argue blind

Argument One was at my breakfast time
I argued with the news
The man tried to tell me how to think
I said: I know what is and what’s not true

Argument Two was at my worktime
I argued with big boss man
He paid me off there and then
I told him: Shove it, it’s your loss, man

Argument Three was at the union hall
I argued with the chairman of the local
He said if you’re fired it’s your fault
Your argumentation is too vocal

Argument Four was at my prayertime
I argued with god almighty
I told him I knew he doesn’t exist
And he didn’t take it lightly

Argument Five was in my darktime
I argued with my troubled mind
I told myself that argumentation
Has left my ease behind

I took my blues to bed tonight
My arguments have all been run
Tomorrow the good new day stands before me
– With five good new arguments to be won.


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