Poetry to save the union.

Martin Kettle of the Guardian says we need a better use of language to save the union. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/05/britain-union-abraham-lincoln-cameron-miliband?CMP=share_btn_tw

Here is a poem. It is a bit old-fashioned but the theme appears to be so too.

“The Best of Scotland”

On Marston Moor they asked the question
“What would victory bring?
The rule of people and Parliament
Or of bishops and the king?”

And when armies met on another Moor
At Cullodon it was asked again
“Is it absolute Stuarts you are for:
Like kings in France and Spain?”

And history saw those tyrannies fall,
But guilds and combinations
Sought common prosperity for all
In the Whiggish British nation.

Our forefathers believed they should reject
The sin of pride of state
And in its stead build a Commonwealth project
And avoid a tyranny’s fate.

And Scots chose not to turn their backs
On their closest fond relations
But to share their single island patch
As citizens not nations.

All parts had been rebellious and lawless
For their freedom’s sake
England had for every Bruce and Wallace
A Kett, a Tyler or the Wake

Sombre England had as much a merrie face
As Caledonia’s muses teach
The conundrum for the British race
Is balancing the best of each

Those levellers would drink of a rational draught
With a common joiner their saviour
Who made a living through sweat and craft
And not his father’s grace and favour.

For Scotland’s share of Britain’s foundation deep
Was a plan spoke clear and plain:
To work by the Book, their word to keep –
And to share that all may gain.


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