Herald letter (no £) – Self Absorbed Nationalists

No conspiracy over hall

Monday 9th March

MUCH of the nationalist cause is founded on contrived grievances, but Alan Clayton’s claims (Letters, March 6) regarding the naming of Glasgow’s concert hall really do take the biscuit.

I was in the room when the town clerk announced to the then leader of the council (Jean McFadden, incidentally, although Pat Lally was responsible for the delivery of the project) that an anchor tenant had been secured for the site which the council had assembled for a replacement hall. Likewise, I worked with both leaders as the hall was commissioned, built, opened and finally received its royal appellation.
And at no stage was there any conspiracy to avoid the naming after St Andrew on the grounds Mr Clayton suggests. Indeed, readers might like to consider that if Labour had been so keen to remove the national symbols of Scotland from the city, it would have started by ceasing to fly the Saltire on the City Chambers as it has done day and daily over the decades.

It seems we must again remind nationalists that neither Scotland nor its flag nor its patron saint belong to the SNP, and that not every decision revolves around their self-absorbed fantasies.

By the way, I have no strong opinion either way about the steps.

Peter A Russell

(PA to Leader of Glasgow City Council 1985-94),

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