Herald letter (No £wall) – SNP de facto regional party.

“The SNP is a regional party that should have no role in dictating policy in a government at Westminster”

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Both Iain Macwhirter (“Campaign is turning into a vile witch hunt”, The Herald, March 10) and your correspondent Maggie Jamieson (Letters, March 10) have turned their attention to the issue of the possible role of the SNP in a post-election deal with the parties of UK government. Surely the democratic principle is simple: that no party should be in government if it is not accountable to the majority of voters.

In this case, the SNP chooses to be a de facto regional party in the UK; so every Scottish voter can vote for Labour and the Tories (and Ukip) but no-one outside Scotland can vote for the Nationalists.

The SNP can therefore only be endorsed or rejected at the ballot box by roughly one in 10 of the electorate, and should not be entertained for any role which would dictate to the Government of the 90% of voters who cannot do so.

Peter A. Russell


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