Bah. Sunday Herald did not print my letter…I thought it was quite good.


It seems that the sub-Gogol trend of recruiting dead souls to one’s cause is still not over: indeed, it seems that Nationalists are trying to rival the Church of Latter Day Saints in the number of posthumous conversions they can record. The latest to follow Robert Burns is George Orwell (letters 15th March).

I am sure that I am not the only one who really would like to know the views on Scottish independence of another very significant cultural figure.

After early public success in Scotland, he went south and became a cult icon, displaying his Scottishness while conquering his metier and indeed creating new creative genre.

He is now best remembered for a pamplimsistic rendering of a popular work which fused the original English language lyric with the Welsh-inflected rendering of its hegemenous  populariser, but delivered in an unmistakably Scottish manner.

Indeed, with the passing of time, we might see that he was hinting towards a proto-Chomskyan fusion of the deep text (anti-UK) with the surface performance (a sub-Treasure Island parody of a pirate reflecting the rapacious crimes of the British Empire.) At the time, his stage act included an alarming premonition of events yet to come called “The Faith Healer” which prefigures much of the thematic content from Seamus Heaney’s “Act Of Union,” with its vivid images of domination and abuse by an exploiter disguised as an altruistic and benevolent relationship.

What we really want to know is: was Alex Harvey a nationalist? Was he bumped off by MI5? Why has Pat Kane not spoken? Or is all such speculation just a load of pretentious and unverifiable twaddle?
I think we should be told. Anything else is a cover-up.
Peter A. Russell

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