Herald letter 8th April. SNP have used Civil Service to do work of a political nature. (no £wall)

Wednesday 8 April 2015
IAIN AD Mann is quite correct to question the role of civil servants in political matters.

However, in reporting examples of the sort of thing that upsets him, he seems to have missed some quite important examples.

I am pleased to fill the gaps in Mr Mann’s account. These are of course the complicity in the Scottish Government officials in producing an SNP manifesto in all but name in the form of the independence White Paper, and in agreeing to work on the basis of oil revenue estimates of $113 per barrel when this was known to be fantasy.

With regard to l’affaire Sturgeon, the First Minister should feel flattered. For far too long, the SNP and their leaders have been given an easy ride by the media, both London and Scottish-based, as shown by the chummy reception reserved for Alex Salmond in the BBC’s studios. (In contrast, for as long as Labour have been a threat to Tory hegemony, their leaders have been pilloried and ridiculed.) Now the SNP are being taken seriously, it should be no surprise that the fawning and indulgence has stopped.

Welcome to the real world of grown-up politics, Ms Sturgeon. You should be flattered that they are taking you so seriously, but don’t let it go to your head – you are just as likely to be this year’s Cleggmania.

Peter A Russell,

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