What is wrong with nationalism (well, one of the things that is wrong…)

This individual has been identified as one of the people responsible for the nationalist “Brownshirt” operation in St Enoch Square:


In contrast, one of the people who was on the receiving end was my Fabian friend David Webster. He is not a debt collector. In fact, he is one of the UK’s leading authorities on benefit sanctions. Here is some of his work: http://ersa.org.uk/media/blog/dr-david-webster-argues-its-time-abolish-benefit-sanctions There is also a link on that site to his work for the Child Poverty Action Group.

The message is that a protest might make you feel good, but those who are doing the protesting might not be what they seem.

And likewise, those who you are protesting against might just be some of your best potential allies lost.

Such is the nature of nationalism: blinding people to reason and distorting reality to fit within its own narrow framework: “Scottish Resistance” must be good, and anyone who has come to hear the case for Labour must be “Red Tory”. Or even a “baby murderer” (as another friend was called); or like me “an English bastard” who should “fuck off back home across the border.”

Although to nationalists, of course, not a lot matters beyond the agenda of “nationhood”, and those who disagree are fair game to be confronted, or as in this case, to be mocked, insulted and driven off the streets by force.


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