Bell Lets Cat Out Of Bag: Herald letter 18th November (beat £wall)

The cat is out of the bag, released by Alex Salmond’s former adviser, Alex Bell, who has confirmed that the economic basis for the SNP’s independence case was bogus (“SNP economics under fire from ex-policy chief”, The Herald, November 17).

Many of us said so at the time of the referendum, from nearly all sides of the political spectrum. The exception were the Nationalists, who continued to believe information such as that coming from Michelle Thomson’s Business for Scotland over that of the Institute for Fiscal Studies and other respected economists.

Never before has so much wishful thinking been fuelled by so much drivel.

We can be grateful that Mr Bell has finally put this nonsense out of its misery. Nationalists must admit that, whatever benefits they believe will accrue from separation from the rest of UK, will be paid for at a very heavy cost, the largest part of which will be paid for by the least well-off.

As the rest of us always said: “You cannot eat a flag.”

Peter A. Russell


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