Herald letter: Forth Road Bridge. (No £)

THERE are two clear and important messages to emerge from the current Forth Road Bridge fiasco (“Share your car or work from home, bridge drivers urged”, The Herald, December 7, and Letters, December 7, 8 & 9).

The first is that when governments provide free stuff, it always has a cost elsewhere. This was the case in free university tuition (paid for by scrapping more than 140,000 further education college places) and is now the case in scrapping bridge tolls at a time when all budgets were under pressure.

The other message is that the SNP has mismanaged the maintenance of one of the major strategic traffic routes in the country, amongst many other things. (Incidentally, such a failure would cause any other party in any other times to lose the election in May: however in the post-truth politics of 2015 Scotland, their poll ratings will probably go up.)

Peter A Russell

(See Herald letters for predictable on-line comments outrage, i.e., “it wiznae the SNP…”)

One thought on “Herald letter: Forth Road Bridge. (No £)

  1. O beautiful road bridge o’er the frothy Forth,
    So often you have proved your worth,
    To Forth crossers from far and wide,
    By getting them to the other side.
    But now I am so sad to say,
    That your glorious functionality’s taken away,
    In 2015’s festive time,
    Which will be remember’d for a very long time,
    And, depending on how bad is this yuletide,
    Will also be recounted far and wide.

    Oh! Ill-fated Forth Road crossing,
    Your benefit we are now lossing,
    Your function would not have been taken away,
    At least many sensible folk do say,
    Had maintenance works been done when required,
    And not, it has since plainly transpired,
    Cancelled by the SNP,
    To much scunnerment of folk like me.
    For the more we our bridge works budget cut,
    We will find that our bridges will eventually shut.

    – Topaz McGonacarl


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