Twas the last letter to the Herald before Christmas (no £) EU referendum

NOT for the first time – and we have to fear not for the last – the people of Scotland are being misled regarding the nature of their vote in the forthcoming EU referendum (“Cameron could rip Scotland out of Europe, warns SNP”, The Herald, December 17).

The SNP may contend that “Scotland will be ripped out of Europe against its will” but the fact is that Scotland will vote as part of the UK, and not as a separate country. For this purpose, the border between England and Scotland has the same significance as those between Norfolk and Suffolk or East and West Sussex.

All UK citizens as British subjects over the age of 18 will have the identical right to a vote of equal value regardless of where we happen to be located, and any pretence that any one part of the UK has greater or lesser significance than any other is just that – a pretence.

In the case of the SNP, the pretence appears to be part of its agenda which seeks to hoodwink the Scottish public into believing the fiction that Scotland is a separate sovereign state – a proposition which that same public has already rejected.

Maybe it should do something more significant. Perhaps it could get the Forth Road Bridge fixed?

Peter A Russell


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