Poem and Herald letter: “Russell In Last Gasp Makar Bid Drama”

(*See also Herald letters [£wall] for responses with and without sense of humour)

I NOTE with interest that Liz Lochhead is to step down as Scotland’s Makar, or national poet (“Search is launched for new Makar”, The Herald, February 1.) The following is my own application for the vacancy:

In Sturgeon’s Scotland, she’ll heal the halt and lame
It’s the Nicola Health Service –she’ll tak’ credit but no’ tak the blame;

In Sturgeon’s Scotland, our clarion call is “hope over fear”
To show it, a convicted perjurer holds a rally every year;

In Sturgeon’s Scotland, we’ll get wealth from a Money Tree
We’ll pay more tax and be skint, but unicorns come free;

In Sturgeons’ Scotland, neither your record nor manifesto counts
All we need for politics is a loudhailer and “Red-Blue-LibDem Tories Out!”

In Sturgeon’s Scotland, we invented the wheel and fire and phone
And if we don’t like reality, we just invent our own;

In Sturgeon’s Scotland, we eat our flag as daily bread
We’re all Jock Tamson’s brainless Bairns, since the
Referendum turned our heads.

© Peter Russell 2016

Please note that I also have other civic-minded pieces available, including a popular verse on the Holyrood Independence Camp entitled Camp Stupid.

Peter A Russell,
Poet and Tragedian

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