Scottish National Anthem – Herald letter (No £wall)

Letters: We need a national anthem that celebrates peaceful co-existence.

YOUR correspondent David Stubley (Letters, February 12) suggests parallels between Flower of Scotland and La Marseillaise and the Star Spangled Banner, and indeed all three revel in bloody and violent events in the histories of the three countries concerned.

On the other hand there is a massive difference between the respective histories of countries themselves. The French and US anthems mark significant 18th century events where these were marked by violent conflict, while at the very time Scotland was taking its place in the parliamentary union of the United Kingdom. Against this background, it is puzzling why Scotland would prefer to celebrate ancient acts of war rather then an act of peace which paved the way to an end to wars with England.

A Scottish national anthem that celebrates freedoms secured through peaceful co-existence between former enemies would surely be better than one that celebrates warfare which cost thousands of lives and much misery. Maybe Ronnie Brown could add a couple of verses to Flower of Scotland: one celebrating the Act of Union and one celebrating the referendum of September 2014 which secured that union for the foreseeable future?

Peter A Russell


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