Today’s Herald letter: (no £wall)

Welcoming of political foes

It is interesting to note that Nicola Sturgeon was down in London at the weekend, speaking on defence policy, an issue for which she has no locus as First Minister (“Three party leaders to join ‘biggest in a generation’ anti-Trident rally”, The Herald, February 27). Although the attendance was somewhat meagre at the event in question, I have no doubt that she was tolerably well-received.

This is a sharp contrast to her own declaration that David Cameron will not be welcome in Scotland, and it is a shame that the First Minister considers her fellow Scots to be less tolerant of opposing views than the English (“ Cameron is to defy SNP with pro-EU trip north”, The Herald, February 27).

It may also be worth reminding her that David Cameron is Scotland’s Prime Minister, while in England she is simply a private citizen or subject of the United Kingdom.

Peter A. Russell


One thought on “Today’s Herald letter: (no £wall)

  1. The SNP are no strangers to hypocrisy, they have single handedly and exponentially increased the incidence of oxymoronic viewpoints in the UK. Monopolicy politics, indy at any cost. I do think many Scots are waking up to this.


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