In which I give it both barrels (then club it with the shotgun butt….)

Letter in Herald here

2016-03-15 13.41.47

We now know beyond all doubt and from the Scottish Government’s own GERS figures that the SNP’s 2014 case for independence was utterly false. We also know that the SNP as a party was willing to risk Scotland’s economic future. It is clear that all future consideration of the SNP and its policies will take into account not only the failure of its case for independence, but also (and more importantly) their utterly duplicitous and deceitful record.

If the Better Together campaign had not succeeded, and if Project Fear had not been justified as Project Fact, Scotland would now have been on the brink of utterly ruinous independence. Nicola Sturgeon was at the centre of the pro-disaster campaign. She and her predecessor should never be forgiven by anyone who loves Scotland and indeed loves the truth. This includes the Scottish and UK media who gave equal credence to pro-independence economic lies as they did to reliable and trustworthy sources.We should never allow ourselves and our fellow citizens to be fooled by these charlatans again.

At the weekend, the First Minister announced that a new independence proposal will be launched (“Salmond: Sturgeon plotting referendum”, The Herald, March 14). It must be seen by any sensible person in the light of the last one and the now proven fact that we cannot trust the SNP.

Even George W. Bush knew the saying,”Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.

Peter A. Russell


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