Judas 1966 – A Song For Easter.

“Judas” was what they stood on their feet and shouted
“Judas” catcalled to young Bob’s enigmatic quizzical face
“Judas” the simple acoustic folk of Manchester heckled
As the Band plugged in drums and amps and took the stage

Flying the Stars and Stripes of the warmonger and the Man
Being  Peacenik’s  Enemy  Number One in the face of moral certainty
Called out as that seed of the canker in the soul of mankind
Damned to Lucifer’s  ninth circle of hell for all eternity

But it’s betrayal when Judas is not the front man to whom you go
When thirty pieces of silver buy the best of the story
Without Iscariot’s presence the show is no shade and all light
A song that is missing the ruined half of this world’s glory

And without his kiss there is no armed arrest in the garden
No-one is brought before Pilate, and there can be no crucifixion
No-one’s god forsakes them, no-one descends into hell
No Judas means no empty tomb – and no resurrection

So let’s give it up for Bob spinning on his Cuban boot heel
Shrugging his skinny back to the Free Trade Hall crowd
Judas nodding to the Band as he straps on his Strat,
Turns it up to ten and shouts:  “Play It F***ing LOUD!”

© Peter Russell 2016


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