Letter in Herald: Governments “Scotland Didn’t Vote For.”

Also at Herald letters (£wall) with comments (no £wall.)

IN the STV Leaders’ Debate First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was reduced to the old nationalist canard of “governments which Scotland did not vote for”. This was also part of the diatribe in these pages produced by Ruth Marr (Letters, March 29) in response to my own uncontroversial remarks re Scotland being an economic region of the UK.

Both these and all SNP voters should reflect on the following simple facts.

In 2015, it was made clear by Ed Miliband that he would not form a coalition which included the Nationalists.

Moreover, the SNP stands in Scottish seats only, and therefore cannot form a UK government. Therefore if you vote for it, you are never going to have the government you voted for. This was known by voters at the ballot box, and voting for impotent SNP attention-seekers as MPs was their free (if misguided) choice.

It is too late to complain now, and the Nationalists should shut up and learn to live with the situation which they have created.

Peter A Russell,


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