Herald letter (no £wall) – The people of Scotland backed Westminster control of foreign affairs

THE SNP has no cause to complain about the status of Holyrood in the forthcoming discussions with the EU about the terms of the Brexit Bill (“SNP furious as Holyrood told it will have no vote over Brexit”, The Herald, October 4).

It has always been clear that as Holyrood is a subsidiary devolved UK administration, foreign affairs remain an issue reserved to Westminster, as Scotland’s UK government. Furthermore, when the SNP asked the Smith Commission to recommend devolution of EU negotiations to Holyrood, this was rejected and the SNP itself agreed when Smith’s final report did not do so.

Finally and crucially, in 2014 one of the main proposals of the SNP’s independence White Paper was that Scotland should have sole control over our foreign affairs. Surely no-one needs to be reminded that people of Scotland rejected that proposition. There was no exemption for EU membership on the ballot paper, and accordingly in the EU referendum the same question about membership was shared by all of our fellow British citizens throughout the UK.

Peter A Russell,


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