Herald letter: Scots Too Sensible To Be Taken In By Populism. (No £wall)

IN 2014, it seemed like the Scottish people were on the brink of losing their collective mind, and were about to vote for an economically suicidal independence proposal. However, we looked into that abyss, and enough of us had the good sense to turn back.

Since then, we have seen two cataclysmic votes: the UK’s EU referendum and the US Presidential election. In each of these, voters have chosen intellectually contradictory and practically unsustainable paths, which will have far-reaching and potentially extremely damaging consequences for themselves and for the world.

Scots can congratulate themselves on the result of the 2014 referendum: by remaining part of the UK, we are in a better position to face this uncertain and dangerous future. At the time it looked like a flirtation with disaster, but it is now clear that by its No vote, Scotland proved itself to be an island of rational scepticism in a growing tide of irrational populism.

Peter A Russell,

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