Herald letter: Labour MPs should do what is right and vote against Brexit

AN EXAMPLE TO FOLLOW: The late Labour stalwart John Smith defied the whip in 1971 to vote for Britain's accession to the Common Market. Should today's intake also defy their leader?

IN 1971, the father of New Labour, John Smith, led 69 Labour MPs in voting against the whip to support Britain’s accession to the then Common Market.

He did so because he believed that the economic well-being of our country was best served by co-operation with our neighbours. This remains the case.

Today, Parliament faces a vote on the use of Article 50 to start the process of leaving what is now the European Union.

I suggest that MPs examine what they are being asked to vote for and conclude that it is so vague and insubstantial as to not even be worthy of the description of a pig in a poke, and to reject it until a proposal comes forward that proves how Brexit would benefit their constituents.

In short, Labour MPs should simply ask themselves “What would John have done?” and vote against the Brexit Bill, as he would have.

Peter A Russell


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