Herald letter: “Scotland And Self-Determination” (from Saturday.)

I AM asked directly (Letters, July 7) regarding civil and political freedoms enjoyed in Scotland whether these should not include self-determination, and whether the outcome of the Brexit referendum does not show a deficiency in these liberties.

In response, I would point out that the independence referendum of September 2014 was the biggest ever exercise in self-determination that Scotland had then ever seen, and that this was only exceeded by the Brexit referendum in which Scotland participated as part of the UK.

The 2014 outcome resulted in the participation of every Scottish voter in 2016 as to whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU: the question was not about Scotland, nor did any ballot paper bear the disclaimer “Does not apply in Scotland.” While a majority of Scottish voters rejected the proposition, the same can be said of London and various other parts of the UK, and the vote of every Scot was equal to that of every other voter, whatever their postcode or background.

Your readers may wish to reflect that those who deny these facts, such as some of your correspondents, are the true deniers of Scottish self-determination. The same applies to those, including the SNP, who seek to undermine the choices we have freely made both as Scottish and British voters.

Peter A Russell,


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