Herald letter: 10 Wasted Years

Note: the Neil Young quote “Time Fades Away” is the title of an album, which I quote in response to another line from the Greatest Living Canadian in the original letter to which I am responding. I had drafted “time slips away” (which is a line from the song “Like A Hurricane”), but felt it might be confused with Willie Nelson’s “Funny How Time Slips Away.” Anyway….

FIONA Brown (Letters, September 6) attempts to praise the SNP’s 10 years in office by listing its achievements, including bus passes, free university tuition fees and free personal care. However, no-one could surely fail to notice that these were in fact introduced by the former Labour/LibDem administrations.

Which leaves 10 years of what: free drugs for the rich, a failed referendum and an admittedly handsome bridge? As Neil Young also said “time fades away…”

Peter A Russell










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