Herald letter: Citizens Assemblies

IT is a shame that your correspondent Alan Fitzpatrick (Letters, July 4) is so sceptical about the value of Citizens Assemblies, although widespread cynicism was inevitable when the announcement was made by Nicola “Once In A Generation” Sturgeon. These doubts can only have increased with the naked admission by Joanna Cherry MP that their specific and dedicated task will be to advance the cause of Scottish independence (“SNP’S Cherry fuels fears over Citizens Assembly”, The Herald, July 3).

However, all is not lost. Maybe the idea will be salvaged if Citizens Assemblies are piloted in less contentious areas of public policy, for example, assisted dying, or the decriminalisation of drugs, or maybe even the division of school children on the grounds of their parents’ religions. Or whether disruptive and provocative marches such as those held by All Under One Banner and the Orange Order have any place in modern Scotland.

Or would that be going too far?

Peter A Russell.