Herald letter today (no paywall)

This is a reponse to a letter of 20th October, second here: http://www.heraldscotland.com/comment/letters/sturgeon-has-earned-chance-to-take-the-country-forward.25627368. The Herald cut my original first sentence; my original is in italics.

[Like most Yes supporters, David C. Purdie has not got very much right over the past two years, so he will enjoy the novelty of being correct in describing me as neither an SNP voter or sympathiser.] 

DAVID C Purdie is correct in describing me as neither an SNP voter nor sympathiser (Letters, October 20). I am indeed one of the clear majority of Scottish voters who unambiguously voted No to Scottish independence, and I believe that is our democratic right to have our vote recognised by the incoming First Minister.

To do so, all Nicola Sturgeon has do is to tell us: “I believe in self-determination and so cannot and should not disagree with the verdict of the Scottish people. Independence has been rejected, so on my watch, the Scottish Government will not pursue that aim, nor do anything which might put Scotland’s status as part of the UK at risk.”

It does not seem unreasonable to expect Nicola Sturgeon, coming into office in full knowledge of the will of the Scottish people, to pledge to work in their interest, which has now been defined in the clearest possible terms: Scotland will continue as part of the UK.

Indeed, it is difficult to see why she would wish to become First Minister if she did not intend to do so. Like I said, over to you, Nicola.

Peter A Russell



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